Introducing the 18mm Iron Leather Strap from Fossil

Fossil is an iconic brand that specializes in stylish, timeless watches. Its newest 18mm Iron Leather Strap is no exception to this rule. This unisex watch is the perfect combination of contemporary design and classic appeal.

The 18mm Iron Leather Strap is crafted from a high-quality leather strap that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. The strap is also adjustable and features a single prong strap buckle for a secure fit. The watch’s circumference is 190 +/- 5 mm, making it ideal for those with larger wrists.

The watch features a sleek grey leather strap that is sure to complement any look. The strap is 18 mm in width and is designed to be both durable and stylish. It is sure to be a treasured accessory for years to come.

The watch is estimated to cost 635.000, making it an affordable addition to your wardrobe. With its timeless design, quality materials, and comfortable fit, it is sure to be a favorite in your collection.

Whether you are looking for a classic timepiece or a modern statement piece, the 18mm Iron Leather Strap from Fossil is a great choice. The watch is sure to turn heads with its timeless style and quality construction. So, if you are looking for a watch that is stylish, comfortable, and affordable, look no further than the 18mm Iron Leather Strap from Fossil.

18mm Iron Leather Strap - Spesifikasi & Harga Terbaru


  • Brand:   Fossil


  • Tipe Jam:   -


  • Harga Perkiraan:   635.000


  • Cocok Untuk:   Unisex


  • Tipe Baterai:   -


  • Lingkar Pergelangan Tangan:   190 +/- 5 mm

  Ketahanan Air

  • Tekanan:   -


  • Warna:   -
  • Material:   -
  • Ukuran:   -


  • Warna:   Grey
  • Material:   Leather
  • Lebar:   18 mm
  • Penutup:   Single Prong Strap Buckle


  • Collection:   -
  • Warna Jam:   -
  • Pergerakan Mesin:   -


  • Ketentuan:   -

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